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We Take Safety Seriously

The service provided has been designed with safety being a main factor, and this has led to many safety features being introduced.


As children have different abilities, we have a variable control throttle which is adjusted dependent upon the child's age, size and ability.


The helmetted children are taken to their quads which are already set with the brake in locked position.  The children are instructed on what to do, and what not to do.  We then request that they  press the throttle under our guidance, showing them the brake and further instructions if we feel it is required.  Once we are confident that the children are comfortable with the instructions, staff will adjust the throttle, and the children are then allowed to drive themselves around the track.


We monitor and supervise throughout the duration of the ride, making necessary adjustments as required.

The inflatable barrier was designed by our company and has since been manufactured this way by the inflatable company we liaised with in creating this most safe environment.  This bespoke design enables children to have fun with the added assurance for parents, that their children are safe.


An oval central reservation was incorporated with an arch reaching from this area to the outer boundary surround.  This means the children are completed surrounded by the inflatable.

Bespoke Inflatable

Variable Throttle Control

Helmets are placed on the children's heads prior to mounting the quad.


Footplates have been fitted to our quads to avoid the children putting their feet to the ground.  Some other quads are without these plates and are only fitted with the foot pegs. With safety of paramount importance, we fixed bespoke foot plates so the children are unable to put their feet within both wheels.

Helmets and Footplates

Kiddie Quad's staff have many years' experience in this field.  We are friendly, helpful and always have the children's safety in the forefront of our minds.  We have an exemplary safety record, so you can be assured of your children's safety at all times.

Trained Staff

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